Cast List


Alydia Wheeler


Gabriel Roush

Maria/Snow Queen

 Gretchen Castelloe

Dew Drop

Courtney Holbrooks


Donovon Strickland

Rat King
Mabrie Lynch

Henry Thomas

Sarahann McIntyre

Harlequin Doll
Thora Kilde

Columbine Doll
McCarter Horne

Edmund Roush

Clara’s Friends
Emma Salyer, Lydia Crisco, Olivia Coble, Sophia Blalock

Maria’s Friends
Courtney Holbrooks, Hunter Cutting, Kate VanHorn, Aubrey Conrad

Party Boys/Teens
Bobby McIntyre, Hayden Grubbs, Haddon Lynch, David Kilde, Evan Strickland

Party Girls/Teens
*To Be Cast

Lead Angels
Kenley Hash, Lily Franklin

Marley French, Harper McSwain, Anniston Horton

Rat Butler and Rat Governess
Henry Thomas, Leah Kilde

Lead Rats
Kortney Hinson, Alexis Garcia

Emmagene Ritter, Kandi Furr, Brianna Schooley, Nadia Gacia

Baby Mouse
Madeline Knotts

Lead Soldiers
Jadyn Salyer, Evan Strickland

Reese St. John, Lily Knotts,  Leah Hartsell, Julia Hash, Jayla Cole, Hayden Grubbs

Big Soldier

David Kilde

Snow (pointe) Leads to Be Announced
Courtney Holbrooks, Hunter Cutting, Laney Castelloe, Aubrey Conrad, Kate VanHorn, Shaelyn Kuipers, Sarah Lowder, Sarahann McIntyre

Snow (not pointe)
Hayden Morgan, Alexis Garcia, Olivia Coble, Sarah VanHorn,

Snow Angels
Leigh Barbee, Morgan Burnside, Lillianne Crisco, Maddie Culp

Sugar Plum Attendants
To Be Cast

Chinese Lead
Sarahann McIntyre, Sarah Lowder, Kate VanHorn

Chinese Corps
Alexis Garcia, Kortney Hinson, Sarah VanHorn, Olivia Coble, Donovon Strickland, McCarter Horne, Lydia Crisco

Marliton Lead
Shaelyn Kuipers, David Kilde

Marliton Corps
Morgan Burnside, Leigh Barbee, Maddie Culp, Nadia Garcia, Lillianne Crisco, Jadyn Salyer, Thora Kilde, Brianna Schooley, Emagene Ritter

Arabian Lead
Hunter Cutting, Austin Coats

Spanish Lead
Laney Castelloe

Spanish Corps
Mabrie Lynch, Leah Kilde, Hayden Morgan, Emma Salyer

Russian Lead
Aubrey Conrad, Courtney Holbrooks

Russian Corps
Shaelyn Kuipers, Laney Castelloe, Sara Lowder, Gretchen Castelloe,

Mother Ginger
Matt Salyer

Jadyn Salyer, Maddie Culp, Lily Franklin, Leah Hartsell, Hadden Lynch, Evan Strickland

Kenley Hash, Jayla Cole

Lead Flowers
Hayden Morgan, Emma Salyer

Gretchen Castelloe, Hunter Cutting, Laney Castelloe, Aubrey Conrad, Kate VanHorn, Shaelyn Kuipers, Sarah Lowder, Sarahann McIntyre,

Sophia Blalock, McCarter Horne

Assistant Stage Manager

Millie Mae Barfield



Rehearsals & Performances:

Sunday, November 25 - Ag Center
2:00: Call time Principals

2:15: Warm up class
2:30: Call time Everyone
3:00-6:00: Final (hopefully) Full dress (full hair/makeup)rehearsal with tech for full show

Monday, Nov 26 - Ag Center - TBA if needed
All Classes held at AAD

Wednesday, Nov 28 - Ag Center - TBA if needed
All classes held at AAD

Thursday, Nov 29 - Preview Show & Benefactor Reception
All cast enter through the stage door (no cast or parents in the lobby during the reception unless directed)
5:15: All volunteers in designated areas, Call time principals: Will make appearance at reception
5:45: Call time all 
6:00: Reception 
6:10: Principals on stage for class
8:00: Performance should be done, parents picked up at the stage door

Friday, November 30  & Saturday,  December 1st- Public Performances
5:15: All volunteers be in designated areas

5:15: Girl Scout Q & A (Snow Queen, Dew Drop, Clara in costume at beginning then to regular dance clothes for class)
5:40: Principals and leads on stage for  class
6:00: Call time all
6:30: House Opens
7:00: Curtain

Sunday, December 2nd - Public Performance
1:15: All volunteers be in designated areas
1:15: Q&A with Juwan & Chelsea (everyone welcome) starts promptly at 1:15 & then Principals and leads on stage for class
2:00: Call time all
2:30: House Opens
3:00: Curtain
5:00: Strike Sets, Costume Check-in, Load out


Past Rehearsals

Monday, November 12 - Ag Center
All Day:       Load in at Agri-Civic Center - More info at parents meeting
1:30-3:00:    Flowers: Staging & Final costuming    
5:00-6:00:    Nutcracker, Clara: Staging & Final Costuming
6:00-7:00:     Spanish: Staging & Final Costuming
7:00-8:30:     Snow, Pine Forest: Staging & Final Costuming    

Tuesday, November 13 - Ag Center
10am-11pm:    Costuming, Tech, Set Construction

Wednesday, November 14 - Ag Center
10am-11pm:    Costuming, Tech, Set Construction

3:30-4:15:     School Show Grande Pas Adagio: Staging
4:00-5:30:     Mirliton, Chinese: Staging & Final Costuming
5:30-6:15:     Arabian: Staging & Final Costuming
5:30-6:30:    AAD Theatre & Voice Tech Class at Ag Center

6:30-7:15:     Russian: Staging & Final Costuming

7:15-8:15:     Final Waltz, Arrival: Staging 
8:00-9:00:    Pine Forest Staging

Friday, November 9
Time TBA:     Variation leads as needed

Saturday, November 10
1:15: Costuming All Chinese

1:00-4:00:    Act 2 - Full Run 

(David K. & Haddon L. see Devonna at some point for costuming)

Sunday, November 11
1:00:        Parent/Performers Meeting: Important info about hair, makeup, dressing rooms, upcoming rehearsals, school show, tickets, and what to expect at the Ag-Center
2:00-5:00:    Act 1 - Full Run

During Rehearsal: Costuming All Party Men & Henry
2:00-Until        Loading sets, costumes, props for transport to Ag Center

***Everything from this point on is Tentative and Subject to changes and additions!!!****Wednesday, October 24
3:45-4:15:    Gabriel, Courtney

Thursday, October 25
5:00-7:00:       Nutcracker, Mouse King, Clara, Snow Queen - In costume at Downtown Albemarle Halloween. Be at the studio to get dressed by 4pm.  See Hillary, Leigh, or Julie for information.  

Saturday, October 27
10:00-11:00:     All Chinese
10:15 -11:00:    Possibly Clara TBD
11:00-11:45:     Angels, Clara, Nutcracker, assistant stage manager
11:00-11:45:     All Mirliton
11:45-12:30:     All Russian, All Spanish, Clara
12:00-1:00:       Bakers, Cookie, Mother Ginger, assistant stage manager
12:30-1:45:       Arrival in Candyland & Final Waltz (Nutcracker, Dew Drop, Clara, Lead Flowers, Lead Chinese, Lead Spanish, Lead Russian, Arabian, Lead Marliton, Snow Queen)
1:45-2:30:       Flowers, Petals, Nutcracker, Clara, Dew
2:30-3:30:       Gabriel/Courtney

2:30-3:30:       Arabian (if needed - See Austin)

Sunday, October 28
1:00-2:30:     Battle (Everyone in battle), assistant stage manager
1:30-2:30:     Pine Forest, Snow (joins the battle rehearsal for run of ballet through the end of Act 1 - this does not include everyone in Act 1 - just everyone from the battle and after)

2:30-3:00:     Clara, Drosselmeyer
3:00-5:30:    Entire Party Scene - Piece together Arrival, March, Clara/Maria’s Friends, Dolls, Gift,  Grossvator, Party Departure

This Week we will work in rehearsals for Clara School Show Variation & Lead Spanish while those dancers are at the studio

Saturday, November 3

12:00-1:00:     Butler, Governess
1:00-2:00:       All Mirliton
1:00-1:45:       All Chinese
1:45-2:30:       Mother Ginger, Bakers, Cookies
2:00-2:30:       Dew, Clara, Nutcracker (first part of Arrival)
2:30-3:15:       Dew, Clara, Nutcracker, Lead Spanish, Lead Arabian, Lead Chinese, Lead Russian (Aubrey only), Female Lead Mirliton, Arabian)
3:15-4:15:       Final Waltz
4:15-5:15:       All Russian, Arabian, All Spanish, 

5:15-6:00:       All Flowers
6:00-7:30:       Entire Party Scene
7:30-8:15:       Pine Forest

Sunday, November 4
1:00-3:30:     Night: (Governess/Butler, Angels, Clara, Nutcracker), Battle (All Mice, Soliders, Rats, Clara, Nutcracker, Fritz), Pine Forest, Snow (including snow angels)
3:30:        School Show Grande Pas Adagio (Gabriel, Courtney)

​Wednesday, November 7
3:45-4:30:     School Show Grande Pas Adagio (Gabriel, Courtney)
7:45-8:15:    Clara School Show Variation

Friday, November 16 - Ag Center
10am-11pm:    Costuming, Tech, Set Construction
4:00-5:15:    Mother Ginger, Cookies, Bakers: Staging & Final Costuming
5:15-7:15:    Night, Angels, Battle: Staging & Final Costuming

6:30:  Russian Costuming & Kate VanHorn (flowers) costuming
7:15-9:00:    Party Scene Final Costuming & Staging

Saturday, November 17 - Ag Center
2:00:           Makeup Check for Everyone:  Please arrive at Ag Center in full hair and makeup.  A parent should accompany their child and bring hair accessories & makeup.
3:00-7:00:      Full run staging of entire show, full costume, full makeup
7:00:        Principals as needed,  Set Tech Cues

Sunday, November 18 - Ag Center
2:00    Meeting for all school show volunteers
2:00    Call time Principals
2:45     Call time all others 
3:30-7:00: Full runs of school show and regular show.  Full dress (includes hair/makeup) full costume, full tech

Monday, November 19 - Ag Center
6:00    Call time everyone
7:00:    Final Dress rehearsal school shows (full hair & makeup)

Tuesday, November 20 - Ag Center
7:30am:   Call time Principals
8:00am:    Call time everyone
8:00am:    Principals on stage for warm-up
1:45:           Parents pick up dancers at stage door
All classes will be held at AAD

Wednesday, November 21 - TBA

Saturday, November 24 - TBA
9:15am:       Tea Party Cast: Dressed and Ready with full show hair, regular make-up (not stage make-up)         

Tea Party Cast: Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer, Clara, Fritz, Rat King, Snow Queen, Dew Drop, Lead Spanish, Lead Mirliton, Lead Chinese, Female Arabian, Lead Russian, Mother Ginger
10:00-11:30:    Clara’s Tea Party
1:30-3:30:     Full run rehearsal (regular dance clothes)

Wednesday, October 17

3:30-4:30:     School Show Grande Pas & Variation: Clara, Dew Drop, Nutcracker

7:45-8:30:    Marliton Female Lead

8:30-9:00: Marliton Female and Male Leads

Thursday, October 18

6:15: Assistant Stage Manager

Saturday, October 20

9:30-10:00:  School Show Grande Pas Dew Drop & Nutcracker (No Clara variation)  

10:00:  David Marliton Costuming

10:00:   All Chinese Costuming

10:00-10:45:     All Spanish

10:30-11:00    Clara, Nutcracker

10:45-12:00:    All Marliton

11:00-12:00:    All Chinese

12:00-1:00    Bakers, Cookies, Assistant Stage Manager

12:00-1:00:    Flowers, Dew, Petals, Nutcracker, Clara

1:00-1:45:    Angels, Clara, Nutcracker, Assistant Stage Manager

1:00-1:45:    Final Waltz Variations for Lead Flowers, Dew, Lead Chinese, Lead Spanish, Lead Russian, Arabian, Lead Marliton, Snow Queen (others added next week)

1:45-3:00:    Arrival (Dew, Clara, Nutcracker only - others added next week)

1:45:         All Russian Costuming

1:45-        Arabian

Sunday, October 21

12:10:        Costume David (soldier), Leah, Henry (Rats)

12:30-1:45:    Battle (Everyone in this scene), Assistant Stage Manager

1:45-3:00:    Pine Forest, Snow (Everyone in these scenes)

1:45:        Costume Soldiers

2:15:        Costume Rats, Baby Mouse (No Leah, Henry, Mabrie)

2:45        Costume Party Scene Boys

3:00        Costume Party Scene Women

3:00-4:30:    March of the Children (All Party kids, Clara & Maria’s Friends, Clara, Maria, Fritz, Nutcracker) 

4:30-6:00:    Grossvator (All party Adults, Clara, Maria, Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer, Governess, Butler, Teen boys, Maria’s Friends, Mackenzie Horne)

Wednesday, Oct 10

7:45-8:30    Marliton Female Lead

Saturday, Oct 13

10:00-11:00    Chinese Leads, Chinese Corps

Marliton Corps

11:00   Costuming:  Marliton Corps

11:00-12:00    Waltz of Snowflakes: Snow Queen, Snow, Snow Angels, Clara, Nutcracker            

12:00-1:00    Waltz of The 
Flowers: Dew Drop, Flowers, Petals, Nutcracker

1:00-2:15    Clara, Clara’s Friends, Maria, Maria’s Friends, Fritz, Nutcracker

2:15     Costuming: Clara's friends, Maria, Maria's friends

2:45-3:45    Russian

3:45-        Arabian

Sunday, Oct 14

12:15-1:00    Drosselmeyer, Clara

1:00-2:00    Angels, Clara, Nutcracker, assistant stage manager

1:00-1:45    Spanish Lead, Spanish Corps

2:00-3:00    Pine Forest: Snow Queen, Clara, Nutcracker, Drosselmeyer

2:00-3:00    Bakers, Cookies, assistant stage manager

3:00    Costuming: Bakers & Cookies

3:00-3:45    Nutcracker, Rat King

3:15-3:45    Dolls, Fritz

3:45-5:00    Battle: All Rats, Rat Butler, Rat Governess, All Mice, Soldiers, Rat King, Nutcracker, Clara, Fritz

Wednesday, Oct 3: 

3:30-4:30         Snow Queen

Saturday,  Oct 6:

10:00-12:00        Spanish Lead

11:00-12:00        Spanish Corps

12:00-1:00        Angels & Clara  (include asst. stage manager)

*1:00                 Costuming:  Angels (include asst. stage manager)

12:15-2:45        Snow, Snow Queen  (No Snow Angels at this time)

1:00-2:45        Clara to Snow rehearsal

1:00-1:30        Dolls

1:30-2:30        Bakers (No cookies or Mother Ginger at this time) (include asst. stage manager)

2:45-3:45        Marliton Leads

2:45-3:45        Chinese Leads

Sunday, Oct 7:

12:30-1:30        The Gift of the Nutcracker (Clara, Drosselmeyer)

1:30-2:30        Pine Forest (Clara, Snow Queen, Drosselmeyer, Nutcracker)

2:30-3:30        Nutcracker & Mouse King, Clara

2:30-4:45        Snow, Snow Queen

3:30-4:45        Snow Angels, Clara, Nutcracker

*4:45                Costuming: All Snow (Snow Queen, Snow, Snow Angels)

4:45-5:45        Arabian

Rehearsal Schedule Sept 29-30

Tentative Rehearsals through Oct 14


Saturday, Sept 29

10:00-11:00        Dew Drop

10:00-11:30         Dolls

*10:45              Costuming Clara

*11:00              Costuming Fritz

11:00-1:00        Flowers, Dew Drop, Lead Flowers

11:30-1:00        Petals add to flowers

11:30-12:30        Angels (not snow angels), Clara 

                           *assistant stage manager

1:15-2:15         Lead Flowers & Clara

1:15-3:15        Russian

2:15-3:15        Add Clara to Russian

2:15-3:15         Spanish Corps

3:15-4:15        Clara, Nutcracker (Pine Forest)

Sunday, Sept 30

1:00-2:00        Snow Queen, Clara, Nutcracker (Pine Forest)

*1:40              Costuming: Flowers, Petals, Lead Flowers, Dew Drop C

2:00-4:00        All Flowers, Dew Drop, Petals, Clara, Nutcracker

4:00-5:15        Arabian




Saturday, Oct 6

Flowers, Marliton, pine forest, Russian, Angels, Bakers, Dolls, Spanish, Chinese leads

Sunday, Oct 7

Nutcracker/Mouse King, Drosselmeyer/Clara, Arabian,  Snow, Arabian

Saturday, Oct 13

Add snow angels,  Full run Flowers, Angels/Clara/Nutcracker, Dolls w/Fritz,Clara, all Chinese, all Russian, All Marliton, Maria & Clara’s Friends, All party kids, Bakers and Mother Ginger, Full run snow

Sunday, Oct 14

Mice, Soldiers full battle choreography add in Nutcracker & Mouse King, Arabian,

11/30/18 - 11:00AM - Q&A w/ Juwan & Chelsea added

11/27/18 - 8:30PM

If your family had a sponsorship of $500 or more and plans to attend Christmas with the Stahlbaums, please RSVP to

Please check the house & dressing room assignments listed below.

All volunteers in designated areas by 5:15pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday; 1:15pm on Sunday.

11/27/18 - 5:20PM

*If you have outstanding raffle tickets and/or show tickets, Hillary would like them be turned in no later than 7pm Wednesday.  If you are unable to return them by that time, please contact her to make arrangements.  

You will be responsible for payment of any tickets not turned in by 5:45 Thursday.  

*​If you have any receipts (even if you don't wish to be reimbursed), please turn those in ASAP.

*From this point forward, Parents/Guardians may only enter through the stage door for performances in which you are scheduled to volunteer.  You may escort your child to the stage door but must enter through the main door if you are watching the performance.  

*Please do not attempt to sneak into the theatre to save seats prior to the theatre doors opening.  All items left in seats will be removed before the doors are open. There will be special seating reserved for those working in the lobby and house during the performance. If you are not in attendance, You may pick your child up at the stage door approximately 2 hours after the performance begins on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Info specific to Sunday is listed below. 

Only designated volunteers are allowed in the dressing rooms at any time. 

*We will post the schedule for house volunteers ASAP, so please check back. 

*A Christmas With The Stahlbaum's is a private event (tickets are available for $30) being held in the lobby prior to the Thursday show and during intermission.  You must have a ticket to enter the lobby during this event.  

*After the Sunday performance, dancers will be required to check in their costumes prior to leaving the building.  Any parents who are willing to help strike, please meet on stage as soon as the performance is over. 

11/25/18: 8:40Pm

City Youth Ballet will provide water and clean snacks for the dressing rooms for all performances.  Please do not send any snacks or meals with dancers from this point forward.   The dancers Are Not to bring any food/drink items in the auditorium, backstage, or in any dressing area.  Please make sure all performers are eating a good meal prior to coming to the Agri-Civic Center.  

Remind your dancer that the adults in their dressing room are in charge. Dancers are expected to listen to the dressing room volunteers and abide by all rules or they will be immediately removed from the production by Leigh.  

Dancers in the Nutcracker are expected to behave professionally at all times.  

House Volunteers:

We are currently shorthanded for volunteers to work as ushers, ticket takers, ticket sales, merchandise & concessions.
The following people were assigned to the committee for events.  Please lets us know your availability to work the front of house during the shows Thursday through Sunday: Renee Van Horne, Penny Cutting, Crystal French, Mandy Culp, Shannon Franklin, Beth Blalock, Bobby McIntyre, Chasity St. John

Even if you (or your spouse/family member) are not on this list and are available to help, please let us know ASAP.  

posted 11/25/18 - 11:15am


Every volunteer makes it possible for these young dancers to be proud to dance in a professional quality production! The Nutcracker 2018 is going to be the best yet!  We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and assistance.   The Nutcracker would not be possible without your tireless efforts.  All of our costumes, sets and props are designed, built, maintained, and repaired throughout the show by volunteers.  Volunteers also organize and man dressing rooms as well as stocking them with supplies.  Many of those same volunteers plan, stock and man merchandise and concession sales, organize and work fundraising events, distribute free tickets to schools, and even perform in the show.

We will be posting performance assignment schedules on this page. Dressing Room assignments are below.  Assignments for ushers, ticket sales, concessions & merchandise sales will be posted very soon.  If you have a conflict with your assignment dates, please let the contact person know immediately so that we may make any necessary changes.